Episode 6

March 17, 2023


Android interview — Nicole Terc (@nicole_terc)

Hosted by

Mohsen Mirhoseini
Android interview — Nicole Terc (@nicole_terc)
Android Developer Tips
Android interview — Nicole Terc (@nicole_terc)

Mar 17 2023 | 01:18:10


Show Notes

Nicole Terc is an Android community active member who last year had 3 talks at 3 different Droidcon events. She has recently joined the Dance Company as Software Engineering Lead and in this friendly interview, she will share with us her story and career path.

Link to the video on YouTube:

Links and References

► Nicole's Twitter:

► Nicole's Mastodon:

► Nicole's LinkedIn:

► Nicole's Composable Sheep Trilogy Talks:

  1. A Compose Animations Journey - Droidcon Berlin
  2. A Canvas Story - Droidcon NewYork
  3. The Creative Coding Epilogue - Droidcon London


► Nicole's Composable Sheep Trilogy Repos:

  1. Canvas & Animations
  2. Creative Coding

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